ARTISTE HYPE: It’s Presley (A dude yáll should watchout for) …


The Name Presley might be new to certain ears, but to hiphop heads around PH its quite synonymous to sick rap verses & tracks.. Real name’s Presley Fubara, born & bred in jos for 13yrs before returning to Port Harcourt City his true home to further his education and suddenly realised his passion for hiphop music in 2004.. He’s Built himself a buzz withen his vicinity in the town axis of PH City and beyond, via the internet and other media outreaches.. Still unsigned but currently working independently on a mixtape he titles “Nu Flows” soon to be dropped on the internet for free downloads. .  We urge you to pay attention to the dude cos we foresee another rap lengend from the streets of PH city on the rise… Port Harcourt city stand up!

Contacts:  Twit Him: @PresleyF | Facebook: Presley Fubara

Presley – Everyday Co-Produced by Presley & Arkos


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