Debut: Lamili – I Go Survive & Ice Water Ft. Maxi


Don’t get so carried away by just the looks of this pretty young lady, for there’s more to get you captivated about her. Her name is Lilian “Lamili” Ojiudu  and she’s another good singer reppin PH City. Currently in the uk to further her education and to probably establish bigger and broader connects to enhance her growth in the industry. Lamili has been on a couple of known joints that were, and that are currently being aired on TV & radio stations  in the south like “Ice Water Ft. Maxi” and “Save A Life (song dedicated to women all over the world in fight against cancer)” alongside other PH Female artistes . She’s out with a new single which is a remake of Gloria Gaynor’s popular hit single “I will survive” which has been remade severally by different artistes around the globe. Well Lamili title’s her own version “ I Go Survive”. The verses are very impressive and motivating. Listen to her to singles “I Go Survive & Ice Water ft. Maxi”. She’s good.


Facebook: Lamili Engel


Lamili – I Go Survive (Produced by Zubi):

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Lamili – Ice Water:

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