EXCLUSIVE: Tha-ibz – Pill Out (New Single)

Hw far na? Remember that catch phrase? I mean, who wouldnt? It’s THA-Ibz again. And this time they are out on fire with a great big suprise for their fans. But before we proceed with what they have to offer us, we should leave you with a bit 2 read about them. Big Mou & I-B-Z are the individual name’s to this duo who broke into the scene with their debut hit single “One Beer” which got massive airplays from various radio and TV station’s. A few months after the release of “One Beer” came “Follow Me” another cliché on radio stations in PH and it’s environs. Their debut album which was also titled “One Beer” was dropped that same year (2007) with quite sustainable sales.

Tha-Ibz - One Beer Album

The duo have been featured on countless tracks by both emerged and upcoming artistes in the industry. Just so you know, these brothers are currently signed to Grafton Records where their next album titled “House of Music” will be dropped in august this year. We foresee great sales for the upcoming album as the earlier released single “Enter My House” which left the streets rocking, would be found in the album.

Meanwhile the long awaited, and highly anticipated single from the upcoming album ”Pill Out” has finaly hit our airwaves. It’s purely a street song as the lyrics are filled with street slangs that can easily be related to, by everyone. This song is without doubt, one of the best songs we’ve heard in recent times. Be the next to hear it. We already have. 😀


Twitter: @thaibz

Facebook: Ibz Tha-Ibz


Tha’Ibz – Pill Out:

Tha’Ibz – Rock Am:

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