ATTITUDE whose real names are Destiny Best is Timaya’s Dem Mama Recordz latest signee. The 15 year old bunch of talent is a rapper, singer and an exciting performer who made his debut appearance on Timaya’s recently released album, ‘UPGRADE‘.

Please read and digest this riveting, revealing and exciting interview between ATTITUDE and blogger, DJ BUCHI STEVE where the super kid on the block speaks about his music career, his role in Dem Mama Recordz and other exciting stuff!



BUCHI STEVE: Good day Mr. Attitude, how are you today?

ATTITUDE:  I’m good bro.


BUCHI STEVE: The first time I heard you was when I listened to your song ‘Azonto’ and I loved it. It is one joint I play at every event. Then, later I took a listen to Timaya’s ‘All The Way’ remix and you did a lot of justice to that beat! You know, how do you feel being the latest signee of Dem Mama Records?

ATTITUDE:  I feel blessed…I thank my boss Timaya for believing in me and giving me a chance…..its a wonderful feeling!


BUCHI STEVE: Let’s get back a bit, when did this whole music thing start for you?

ATTITUDE:  Music for me started when I was like 8 years old, and since then God has been great


BUCHI STEVE: Ok. What informed your choice of the stage name ‘Attitude’?

ATTITUDE:  (LAUGHS OUT LOUD)…..The name Attitude came as a revelation….i just sat down one day and it came into my head Attitude and just like that, it clicked!


BUCHI STEVE: For some people, hobby is job and for some others, there is a hobby and there is a job; what does this whole music thing mean to you?

ATTITUDE:  Music to me is the both of them…..i love doing music. It is like a hobby and on the other hand, its my job because i make my income from it.


BUCHI STEVE: Every artiste’s music is unique. How would you describe your kind of music?

ATTITUDE:  I do good music and I’m a rapper plus singer so my music is classic.


BUCHI STEVE: As a new artiste on the block, how do you hope to build and increase your fan base?

ATTITUDE:  I’ll have to do that by being relevant and keep coming up with good songs and hits.


BUCHI STEVE: Do you feel any less when people refer to you as a ’15-year old kid’?

ATTITUDE:  Not at all.


BUCHI STEVE: Who are your music influences and mentors?

ATTITUDE: A lot of people like Fela, Drake, MJ and I learnt a lot from my boss Timaya when am singing.


BUCHI STEVE: Now, a lot of people would be wondering how you got signed to Dem Mama Recordz, how did you hook up with Timaya???

ATTITUDE:  My boss Timaya met me in Benin City when he came for a show through the comedian I Go Save, and he asked me to freestyle and i did. He liked it and that was it and since then my life has changed…


BUCHI STEVE: Hmmmm, interesting! Now, as the youngest member of Dem Mama Records, how do you get along with the other label mates like Wrecobah, TJ2Solo and the rest?

ATTITUDE:  They all see me as their younger brother, we are all family and we get along well…..I love my team


BUCHI STEVE: If you were asked to be on a song with just one artiste of your choice, who would that be?

ATTITUDE:  Hmmm, that would be Wizkid.


BUCHI STEVE: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

ATTITUDE:  In the next 5 years we should be starting a bank……(laughs)….on top never coming down.


BUCHI STEVE: Should your fans expect any album from you in the near future?

ATTITUDE:  Of course I’m working and they’re gonna hear from me soon.


BUCHI STEVE: And on a lighter note, what’s your favorite movie of 2012?

ATTITUDE:  The return of Jennifer……I love that movie so funny.


BUCHI STEVE: When you are not in the studio recording, what do you do?

ATTITUDE:  When I’m not in the studio, I play my games and sometimes hang out.


BUCHI STEVE: Thanks a million Attitude for keeping it personal with me today. Could you just say something nice to your fans out there…?

ATTITUDE:  I just want to say thank you and y’all should keep supporting the brand Attitude and Dem Mama Records. A big shout out to my manager and my Team….I love u all!


BUCHI STEVE: God bless your endeavors! See you at the top!

ATTITUDE:  Thanks bro.



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