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I met with the C.E.O of XCEL MUSIC, who also happens to be a passionate promoter of various facets in the entertainment industry (Mr. Larte Badom). He has been relatively involved in putting the shines that glow in Port Harcourt City. We had a detailed chat on his Label (past and present) and a general discussion on the entertainment industry which entailed what the problems “were, are and would be”, then he capped it all up with insightful recommendations.


When did XCEL MUSIC start?

A:            2001


Q: What are the challenges faced since the inception of XCEL MUSIC?

A:            Well, honestly speaking, the only challenge we have faced as a record label has always been funding. We started just at the trend of the new century when all that existed before then was one radio station; we had just Radio Rivers at the time.  I remember very well that the new generation singers that were available and were not even that strong then were the “Plantation Boiz”, “Tribes Men” were just beginning at the time. We started very young and things were very different then, I was young and we were allowed to make mistakes at the beginning even if we didn’t make too many. Yeah! But the major challenge was Funding at the time, and you had people around you that didn’t really understand what we were trying to do as a record label or a new company coming up in an industry that didn’t exist at all


Q: How long have you known KORKORMIKOR and LYRIKAL?

A:            I’ve known Korkormikor for almost 7 years or about seven years, same with Lyrikal. In fact, Lyrikal wasn’t on my label until recently like you all know, but I’ve known lyrical since. We are in 2013, I’ve known lyrical since maybe 2004 or 2005 that’s over 7 years. I’ve known Korkormikor since maybe 2005 too, about that time… Yea!



Q: Do you know them on Personal basis or just as Professionals?

A:            We met as professionals but I’ve obviously known them as individuals and we have very personal relationships now. I mean, all the while “M Trill” was on my label with “Specimen A”, Korkormikor was always there. We had “Munachi” at the time too so those are the people we had.  “Munachi” wasn’t exactly signed to the label but she was part of the family at the time and we had Kokomikor then too. But because he was the last person on the label then we wanted everybody’s work out before his. He was there when “M Trill” had his Bounce If You Wanna, Korkormikor had always been there. A cousin of his brought him and we just did an Acapella and that was it. We’ve known each other and we’ve become really good friends almost like family since.



Q: How long have they both been Signed “Officially” to the Label?

A:            Emm… well, Korkormikor was signed properly in 2007. He had like a two year deal done then and emm … things didn’t really go as planned because that’s when we put out his single at the time. Back to what we were trying to say, it was always funding; we would start, we would expect and we also had a problem with timing. For Lyrikal, he got signed in 2011. In fact both of them, “Korkor” renewed his contract in 2011 and lyrical too in 2011 so they just finished their first year.



Q: What do you think is responsible for the slow pace in the Growth of your Artistes?

A:            Well like in said before, it’s always about timing. Initially I’ll go back to the only thing responsible as far as we are concerned; all the funding that has come into the label has come from me. I’m just like every other young person while I was in the university, everybody else could go out but all the monies I had was put into an industry that we didn’t even know the left or right. Say for example I put it into buying and selling (money) I’ll probably would have been a very rich man by now. But we do it with no regrets and asides the passion we have for what we are doing, I believe in the talent that we have as a label at our disposal and we are very confident that once they are out there, they will get the set of fan base we want. So that keeps us going but what has been responsible for the slow pace has always been funding…  Always! Always!! Always!!!



Q: On a general scope, why do you think Port Harcourt Artistes are not getting the Required Recognition they desire on a larger scale?

A:            I don’t know about desired recognition or I don’t know if they deserved to get the recognition (don’t quote me here) but I think generally, the industry here is underfunded. That’s because if you are an Artiste and you are trying to come out and there is no medium to celebrate you, you can’t get the sort of re

cognition you want. That’s why you see like statistically in the past 5 or 6 years, a breakthrough from Port Harcourt is almost one in every two years (National breakthroughs). It is really poor for an industry like this because you have other industries surviving and moneys going back and forth or if I bring out five of my fingers and I count people that have made it out of port Harcourt, I can’t count up to five in the past 5 or 6 years. So I think generally it’s just back to what I said at the beginning, an industry has to be formed for theses Artiste to get the sort of recognition that they want.



Xcel Music

Xcel Music


Q: Are we expecting anything “New” from XCEL MUSIC?

A:            Oh Yes! yes, I mean Emm … sometime last year I was sleeping and I had a dream, I remembered the dream because in my calendar it was 2013 and it was around June in the dream because I looked properly, (chuckles) I saw lots of things in the dream and also I saw where XCEL MUSIC as a label was at that time in the dream. So I feel like this year is the year everything we have gathered all through the years as means of experience and also the problem we’ve always had of funding will be taking care off. It’s just time to pay back the Artistes that have been extremely loyal, and even when things didn’t go well they stuck around, so this is the year where everything is going to happen. We have six (6) major projects we are doing this year as a label for both Artistes; we have a mixtape on Korkormikor in the first quarter of this year and an album in the third quarter of this year. For Lyrical we have two (2) mixtapes before his album, (that’s 5 projects) and then we are going to have an XCEL CONCERT around the third orfourth quarter of this year. So those are six (6) major projects we want to carry out this year, and we would continue for there is no more stopping or turning back… Nobody is going to turn to “Lot’s wife”.

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