Wily Busy Lad – Together We Unite


Remember him? I bet you do, but for the benefit of those who dont, We’ll tell you. He is Wily Busy Lad. He made a debut on this site last year with an outstanding reggae joint which captured the hearts of real reggae heads.

He comes back with this lovely track titled “Together We Unite” . The track sounds different from what you are used too. With a trance feel , I’m sure this track would make your day good and spirit calm.

Together We Unite on the other hand is a song closer to what we remember Wily Busy Lad for. Another song of peace. A very simple tune befitting a song where the lyrics and message of the song count more than any other thing. With the saying, “less is more”, this song allows you focus on the message and with not too much going on it relaxes and soothes you, allowing you to gain a feeling of calm, a feeling of peace.And, we certainly need peace in the world, in Nigeria, in our homes and in our hearts as we unite as a team, family and a nation. Enjoy this tune from Wily Busy Lad.


Wily Busy Lad – Together We Unite:




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