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“Oh Happy Day!” Hip Hop Heads and Music Lovers Rejoice as Boogey returns

with “Sanctum”

Following on from the success of his instant-classic collaboration with Morell, “One Ticket”—which dropped in January—Boogey is back after a brief hiatus to bless hip hop heads and lovers of quality music alike, with his new single, “Sanctum”, a thoughtful meditation on religious hypocrisy, and the importance of faith and self belief in the face of seemingly-insurmountable challenges.

A glimpse into a more personal side of Boogey than hip hop listeners are used to, “Sanctum” finds Boogey attempting to reconcile questions of faith and personal morality in the face of spiritual and artistic obstacles, and ultimately finding peace of mind in a sense of purpose founded on innate self-belief.

Verses like “My name is Musa and I’m a Muslim/Been pushing to marry Mary/My parents think it’s some bullshit/What will your kids do: go to church and take communion/Or go to mosque for prayers, and always do ablution” examine the contrast between the message of love and inclusiveness at the core of all religions, and the divisiveness occasionally practiced by their followers, while “Imagine me being tired of rapping/Ain’t getting paid all these people do is admire my

actions/Imagine ‘em calling me a legend or comparing me to ‘em after this/But I ain’t hearing ‘em from inside of my casket” speaks to the hypocrisy of music industry fans stakeholders who demand musical purism from artistes, but are all too-often unwilling to support “true” music from artistes in “the struggle”.

Boogey’s earnest lyrics are masterfully delivered in a skillful, evenhanded manner digestible to all listeners. The understated-yet-suitably-atmospheric production supplied by Nigeria’s best-kept-secret Charlie X, and irresistibly haunting, ironic yet- uplifting hook from talented newcomer JaneSam, results in an emotionally resonant, radio-friendly song suitable for all listeners, and one of the most important songs you will hear this year.

“One Ticket”, is the second single from his forthcoming EP, “Something About David”, coming soon on AbOriginal Music.

Boogey – an abOriginal production.


Boogey Ft. Jane Sam – Sanctum:

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