VIDEO TRAILER: Boogey – Sanctum Trailer HD (@boogeythat)


Directed by Brotha Lee of Temple Film Productions, the “Sanctum” video is a genre-changing short film, certain to further fuel awareness of, and discussion about Boogey, an artiste many have hailed as the leader of the new wave of NIgerian elite MCs.

A sanctum is a private or sacred place where one is free from disturbance. My inner sanctum is a place where I take a trip to, mentally, to reflect on my life, life in general and the connections between me and the outer world. A place to scour my thoughts until I find peace. It’s a song that touches two main areas, as perceived from my vantage point. I tackle Religious Segregation/Hypocrisy, and I also express some of my frustration at the Hypocrisy in the industry.

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