Grafton Record’s CEO “Tonye Ibiama” & Mr.2kay chilling in UK after the Bubugaga Remix Video Shoot.

Big Tee & Wife

This picture of Tonye “Big T” Ibiama & his beautiful wife was recently taken at a chill spot, somewhere in the UK on his birthday which fell on the 30th of September.  Guess who the photographer was.. His picture appears below…


Tada! Now that’s the man behind the camera on the first shot! He just wrapped up with the video shoot for his monster hit “Bubugaga Remix featuring May7ven & Moelogo“. We cant wait to have our eyes fixed on this highly anticipated video. Well, we’ll definitely premiere it right here, so keep your eyes glued to our site.

By the way, Mr.2kay seems to be having massive fun over there at the UK with Grafton Family. Of course they all should. All work and no play as they say, makes Blah blah blah! You know the rest.

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