For years past I have watched the headies evolve from Hiphop world awards to the new name as the headies. One thing for sure I can give to them is the consistency it has had since its inception. It is one of the most consistent award ceremony that take place in Nigeria. A few of similar awards have taken a break or lost the vision completely.

However the headies for the past years have refused to move from being a Lagos award to a National award. May be its vision is for Lagos but we have a huge industry in Nigeria which seek for a credible and a well representation of the industry.

The headies pride itself to be National but the question is how well does the Headies represent the music of Nigeria and not Lagos. No doubt we agree that Lagos is the entertainment capital of Nigeria but your music needs to break nationally for you to be recognised as a National nominee.

Lets not also forget that there are emerging music and entertainment industries in Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja aside from Lagos.

Most times people popular in Port Harcourt are even heard an popular in Neighbouring cities and state like Bayelsa,Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Delta, Imo state, Abia and Benin.  I am sure the population when put together surpasses the Lagos population.

Why celebrate only artiste that are popular in Lagos and not other parts of Nigeria?

95% of the headies nominees are always Lagos based acts. Are they trying tell the acts to all move to Lagos for them to be recognised and celebrated?

The misrepresentation of the music industry by the headies misleads other major stake holders in their decisions. I think the headies should rethink their selection strategy to represent the happening of the Nigerian music industry.

More consultation with the stakeholders regionally will help make their achievement of a National award or they should let the stakeholders understand it’s a Lagos awards.

No disrespect to the following talents; Ese Peters- Omote, Tunde Ednot-catching cold, Niyola-Toh bad, Zaina- totally yours, Lkt – Alaye  who are nominated for the 2013 headies,how popular are these tracks nationally?. You might say its based on the quality of the music but we can name more acts that have better quality and  popular tracks that must have put in their nomination but were not giving the nod as they will call it. The above mentioned are only popular in Lagos and that’s it

What happened to the Likes of Timaya, Mr 2kay, Waconzy, Skelebobo, Duncan Mighty?  I am pretty sure these acts are slightly popular in Lagos and even more popular in other regions of the industry. Why are they not in the pop, street hop and other categories?

I am sure it will do good for the headies if they can stop staying in Lagos to decide their awards and take the awards to the people by having award entry locations and also change the award board for it has stayed too long and may be getting out of touch. We need to stop being sentimental and political in the music industry

Presley Fubara

– Presley Fubara (Admin



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