A list of highly underrated but well promoted musical acts. #WhatWentWrong?



1.     Riz – ‘Flex’ is a cover of a shabba ranks original with a modern touch and a feature from sauce kid (sinzu) who definitely came through on this single. This video got a lot of spins from the VJ’s back then however Riz has been unable to attain the success of this single with a follow up single ever since.

2.     GI Joe- Came up from the Zain show ‘Advance Warning’ dropped the relatively big single ‘Flambush’ at the time which got a lot of play on TV (probably due to promotions by Zain) but we haven’t heard any other single or seen any other video by this artiste.


3.     G Xploits- I remember seeing the G-xploits vieo ‘Bolu Molu Merente’ as a young teen and instantly becoming a fan. However we (G Exploits fans) were only left with just one other well publicised video ‘Tear rubber’ and till date I have not heard anything from this group.



4.      Mayola- ‘Say I hustle every day so I flex on Friday night… ’ That’s a line from Mayola’s single, ‘Straight from the bottle’ this track could have easily become a street anthem. Definitely one of them songs that have you feeling like you want all the drinks at the bar regardless to your current financial position. This single should have done better, although the audio quality in the video is a bit sketchy. #DrinkResponsibly

All these acts have had well promoted videos which have been aired across Africa on the big networks such as Channel O and MTV Base however they have all failed to become household names. What went wrong?

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