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Today we shall look at some healthy voice management tips that can help make your voice what it ought to be. As a singer, proper voice management lifestyle should inform all your daily activities including your eating habit. Since the voice remains the most essential tool and defines your essence as a singer, the way you use it ought to be different from how an average person does. Some factors can contribute to vocal deterioration. Let us explore them in detail.

  • Reduce the intake of greasy and fatty foods, especially nuts. Although some of these food substances cannot be completely avoided because we may need them for cooking; such may include vegetable oil, but the quantity consumed should be checked. However, there are some nuts that we can completely do without. It is advice to completely stay away from such.
  • Do not lye facing the fan directly especially at night. If you should let it be at a minimum speed. But completely avoid sleeping with air conditioner.
  • Avoid consuming very icy foods and drinks. If you should, let it be diluted to a mild level.
  • Take a long rest after engaging in heavy vocal use.
  • Eat boiled foods instead of fries.
  • Keep the body light prior to singing or performance. Stop eating heavily 3-2 hours before then, to enable you stay active. Because if you eat heavily, you will be sluggish and unable to perform effectively.
  • Avoid singing in a smoky, dusty and noisy environment.
  • Do not take on roles that are too strenuous or way above your vocal range and convenience.
  • Do not mimic funny voices, animal voices or machinery sounds.
  • Do not talk, shout or laugh excessively, it pose great danger to your voice.

Watch out for continuation of this subject in our next publication. I look forward to entertaining your questions and feedbacks on how this e-voice tutorial has been of help to you.

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