Rare Parental Tips from Mr.Isaac Utere, LeriQ & Ed Izyc’s father..

Ed Izycs, Mr.Utere, LeriQ & Son

Ed Izycs, Mr.Utere, LeriQ & Son

If you fathered awesome spectacles and prolific producers/song writers such as LeriQ & Ed iZycs, being extremely proud would be the least you could do in curtailing your self-gratification. Mr.Isaac Utere who knows and appreciates what he has, reflects to his role as a parent in the success of his children at their various endeavors. He took to his Facebook wall to express his gratitude for having such a wonderful family filled with superb talents, and gave us few tips on how they all got here. Here’s what he wrote below…

By the time i had my first son Leriq, my room was already being stocked with creative toys of all sorts. As i got Eddie he grew up to meet all musical instruments i could afford at home.
My house is filled with all possible play toys as i can find except guns and other violence encouraging ones.
I also did not skip creating a large library of books, free paper, color pens/pencils, brushes, crayons n markers.
By the time Rave, Slicky, Rony n Ray come on, a pattern was on ground for them to key into.
At a time i pasted large papers on my house walls to allow them scribble and draw as freely as their moods demanded.
God blessed us with funds and wisdom to install computers very early for them to play with and get connected to the world.
My kids developed with arts, crafts, music, dance, IT, books, football, badminton, table tennis, and basketball right in their home.
Its just recently i installed cable television because of its distractive capacity.
If possible, every kid needs an environment where they can delve, experiment, try and fail, dig deep and discover who they truly are, with parents who are watchful through spending quality family time to be part of the whole process.

Isaac Utere FB Post

Awwwwwwn.. We bet alot of you would be tempted to start having your own kids after reading this post.

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