Bling Tinz Feat. Alvin Spiff – Where Una Been Dey


You know that song you hear from a talented up & coming act that makes you go: “WHOA! This guy is the real deal!” That final confirmation you’ve been waiting for? This is THAT song!

It’s now a forgone conclusion that we’re witnessing a Bling Tinz-led take-over, and that only bodes well for Nigerian music, considering the fact that he’s arguably the most creative mind in the business. Whether you agree or not, one thing that’s certainly not up for debate is Bling Tinz’s eye for talent. Not just talent; I mean special hit-making talent.

It’s officially Bling Tinz featuring Alvin Spiff, as he continues his race in the middle of 2015 with this song – Where Una Been Dey. It’s one of several songs you’ll fall in love with it straight away.

Listen, download, put “Where Una Been Dey” on repeat, then send to your loved one(s).

DOWNLOAD: Bling Tinz Feat. Alvin Spiff – Where Una Been Dey



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