LEAK: Batty Boy’s YOKO completely slayed by… Find out who..

Prince Meldy
So, I just got this track in my email. No artiste name; just a song title. However, it’s from a reliable source, so I know it’s not an impersonator that’s singing. The only clue I was given is that he’s a popular artiste with hit song titled “Authentic” attached to a label known as The Invincible Movement (T.I.M). The act has decided to test the waters of the Pop scene in Naija and he seems to be doing quite well with some decent jams under his belt. Listen to “Nyarinya Like Suya“, a VERY INTREPID remix to Batty Boy’s monster hit “YOKO“.

DOWNLOAD: Nyarinya Like Suya (Prod. Beatboxx XclusiV)


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