Davido’s Manager ‘KAMAL’ Sounds A Warning To Criticizers Over His Artists .

Davido Kamal

The young manager who has a way of getting his message through to anyone he wants has sounded a loud warning to Criticizers who are held bound and determined to bring down Davido as he opens up saying….

Davido is a very passionate young man when it comes to music. It doesn’t matter whether he brings money or not, even though money is very important,’ Kamal noted.
Davido understands his craft. He is a producer also and this has helped his brand over the years.’

Davido takes his job very seriously and he has a good heart which has helped him in achieving a lot over the years. His hardwork has paid off from being able to convince his family to believe him. Today his family is his biggest fan.’
On criticisms, Kamal however believes Davido’s critics are always too harsh on him.
‘Sometmes I feel bad when he is being criticised.’


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