10 Port Harcourt Artists To Watch In 2016


Pi Piego

Not every artist has the opportunity to reinvent themselves as a solo act after initially emerging on the scene as a duo, but Pi Piego can say he has. Once part of the soulful twosome RUUD BOIZ, the pop crooner has stepped out on his own in alliance with the tombo music crooner, Knowledge. Together they have been pushing a movement known as Ajebo Hustlers since the release of the successful hit song “Tombo Music” which he took the hook.

Pi Piego’s appeal spans multiple genres. On his last two singles Omotone & Mr.Preacher, he creates a perfect balance between electronic beats reminiscent of nostalgic/old-school jazz while cleverly managing to hold in rap samples and R&B to show his love and appreciation for hip-hop culture. You might worry that with all the different styles Pi Piego fuses into his music, something will be drowned out, but all the flavors mingle beautifully.




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