10 Port Harcourt Artists To Watch In 2016



Lamili‘s notable appearance on “I Go Survive” her cover of Gloria Gaynor’s ubiquitous smash “I Will Survive” made that song irresistible. No stranger to the pop world, Lamili hasn’t yet up-staged the artists for whom she may look up to, but she has plenty of fire left over. Her vocals add multiple dimensions to the clever simplicity of her infectious songwriting. One of Lamili’s eyebrow-raising tracks is Radical feat Timaya, which spawned a creatively-inspired video showcasing the lyrical lady rhyming. just try to look away from the slinky video for the aptly named “Radical.” Her recent release of an audaciously hyper-emotive single called “Love Me Properly Feat. Prodigy”, indicates where she is headed next —  The dotted line may not be signed on a big deal just yet, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before she’s in the big leagues.




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