10 Port Harcourt Artists To Watch In 2016

6. ED iZycs:

Ed iZycs

ED iZycs, is a blessed flutist and pianist who recently launched his Extended Playlist (EP) titled “SongZ of iZycs” with beautiful compositions including: ‘Nostalgia’, ‘Woju (Cover)’, ‘Awesomeness’, ‘Bloody Rose’ just to mention but a few has recorded admirable success since being signed by Cadilly Entertainment early this year ranging from performing at major concerts, international shows, high profile events etc. to bagging reputable awards and nominations. It’s unfair, in a sense, for us to expect that he’ll exceed himself in the new year. Still, since it’s clear that ED iZycs is one of the most prolific jazz musician of his class, and the best in his city, with impeccable quality control and a bigger following than you realize. Being the essential standout project of momentum favors ED iZycs, and we’re certain that he’ll hit a bigger, undeniable stride in the new year. While you’re waiting for his next move, Watch his most recently aired video “Bloody Rose”, published just last year.




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