10 Port Harcourt Artists To Watch In 2016

7. oZone:


oZone is unbridled, oZone is fun. A capable lyricist with an odd, overheated, destabilizing flow, which he typically pours over melted soul beats. He has been kicking around in the hip-hop underground for a while now (largely due to his promising 2014 mixtape, Superiority Complex), but he suddenly popped up on everyone’s radar last year when he dropped a Swish single “Look Twice Feat. BOJ“.

The Port Harcourt reppin’ rappers lyricism on that song, is catapulting him to a new level of visibility beyond his core fan base. The Aristokrat Records/960 Music co-sign netted him a bright future in the industry, but its real gift was setting oZone up perfectly for his next move.

With nationwide exposure from a hit song (and without the pressure to recreate the sound that would come from a solo hit), he has a great opportunity to capitalize on the notoriety with his upcoming projects. Whether or not his off-kilter rap style translates to the masses remains to be seen, but he certainly has lots of ears ready to listen.




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