10 Port Harcourt Artists To Watch In 2016

9. 3NITY


There’s a lot of new dudes coming out of Port Harcourt who have cultivated their very own fan base without the immediate help of blogs, labels, and publicists. 3NITY has, over the last year, released a handful of stunning singles paired with melodic, introspective verses that are as relatable to a kid growing up around here. His rise hasn’t been overly quick—most of his songs are racking up thousands of streams here and a few other blogs—but perhaps most importantly, his buzz is entirely organic. He’s paving his own lane and sound, with the aid of The Invincible Movement (T.I.M), a label he is attached to. With a little more precision, and a hit under his belt, 3NITY‘s success is almost imminent.




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