Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

Six Fashionable PH Artists

Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, but it’s been a while since that intersection has felt as exciting as it does right now, plus there are the names that often come to mind when we think of the most stylish musicians of our time. Embracing fashion in dynamic ways, these artists – among others – are known just as well for their distinctive aesthetics as they are for their iconic sounds.

But aside from the established greats, are there any contemporary artists we can learn from? Which chart-toppers and up-and-comers are worth taking inspiration from today?

We’ve rounded up a number of six who are not only setting the musical standards, but the sartorial one too, breaking down what makes their look unique and the lessons we can take away from it.

1. Ric Hassani:

Ric Hassani 1

Meet the distinctively dressed singer-songwriter from our city Ric Hassani, who released his aptly titled debut single, Gentle Man, back in December last year.

A bit like a moniker for Ric, Gentleman is a blueprint for living as a modern gentleman: dress up, but remember to carry yourself with the requisite decorum. We can get on board with that.

Taking the archetypal R&B/pop aesthetic in a new direction, Ric Hassani boldly mixes a timeless classicism with an outré attitude. To tap his style, start with a two piece suit and jango hats in a slightly unconventional hue – we suggest going for immaculate Jason Porsh tailoring, if budget permits. At your own discretion, of course.

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