Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

2. Forbs Zhillah:

Forbs face

Forbs Zhillah is, for want of a better phrase, on fleek. In addition to juggling roles that include performer, and rapper, Forbs also launched his ‘Pitakwa Hustler’ last year. It’s clear we’re talking top-level style here.

Forbs Zhillah’s style is somewhat of an anomaly, as he isn’t one to stick to a certain look, on or off the red carpet. You’re just as likely to see him in a faultlessly tailored two-piece suit as you are a printed T-shirt with denim cut-off shorts and hi-tops or agbada.

We’d be fools if we didn’t recommend Forbs Zhillah’s own street and T-Shirt: Pitakwa Hustler.

Forbs 6

But when it comes to smartening your look up, clean-cut wardrobe classics from preppy labels such as Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco and J.Crew should be at the top of your list. Especially the latter if you’re brave enough to pull off a shorts suit.

And as for the choice headwear – try a fedora if you’re feeling confident, or a simple bowler hats if you prefer a more casual, everyday option.

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