Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

3. Lamili:

Lamili 1

Today this pop chanteuse has become a household name in Port Harcourt’s music industry, not only for her music but for her retro style as well around here. Lamili has not only earned herself an almost-successful music career, but is also known for her bold fashion choices and not to mention her versatile hair style. From frothy mini-dresses and shorts to floor-sweeping gowns, Lamili rocks in every outfit.

A self-proclaimed “Fashionista,” Lamili gained overnight success with her single, “Radical” For her personal style statement, she often mixes the old glamour of 1960s Americana and old-school hip hop.

The singer accentuates her outfits with her awesomely made red hairdo, winged-out eyeliner, and gangster-inspired nails and sometimes over-sized accessories. The singer cum fashion diva prefers melo-dramatic, folksy dresses, which she loves to pair with her flame-red hair and ebony skin, platform heels, boots, and loud vintage finds. And she never shies away from pulling off classic fashion with her enigmatic charm and élan.

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