Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

4. Britella:

Britella 1

Unlike some of his listmates, Britella hasn’t really undergone a dramatic wardrobe overhaul over the course of his career. Because he hasn’t needed to. Emerging on the scene in earnest in 2010, the Port Harcourt-born musician has mostly stuck to his sartorial guns, opting for statement tailoring and outerwear (boldly coloured and printed beach shirts, dramatically proportioned overcoats) while incorporating a few nods to whatever’s current.

These days, Britella takes a little of motocross, rockabilly and the subtler markers of glamour to create a unique and show-stopping signature style.

Britella 2 Britella 3 Britella 4 Britella 5 Britella 6 Britella 7 Britella 8 Britella face




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