Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

6. Preye Odede:

Preye Odede 1

Believe it or not, Preye Odede is no stranger to a best-dressed to hawk-eyed observers like myself. From humble beginnings, gospel music has transcended the musical realm to influence and innovate the world of style. what makes his style so good is that it’s effortless. He might look like he just rolled out of bed and threw whatever on-because he probably did. The thing is, it still looks pretty put together. Preye seems to have it all. Native attires, waistcoats, perfectly tailored tuxes, and printed dress suits; Preye’s fashion savvy sets a new standard for excellence!

Preye Odede 2 Preye Odede 3 Preye Odede 4 Preye Odede 5

Whose style wins your vote and who else do you think should be on the list?

Article written by Presley Fubara

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