Where Are They Now? 5 Port Harcourt Artistes Who Fell Off

3. Soty:


When Soty Horsfall sashayed on the scene singing “Malaria”, letting folks know that it was all about her, and that she was going to be movin’, it seemed that her airy voice was here to stay. But as dope as that track was, she never really rose to the heights of other big female performers and vocalists within the country at that time. Maybe it was because that voice was just too airy, but we suspect she decided to try things outside music for a while.

Soty left the music scene probably to give birth to a daughter who is all grown up now. The single mum later dropped another single which didn’t sell well at all thanks to a lack of proper PR and media support. She even staged a comeback concert “Soty & Friends”, which was held on, November 23rd, 2012 at M Lounge in Port Harcourt but couldn’t regain her former position.

We believe she still hopes to be revived, and had given herself a big makeover the last time she was spotted on her Facebook profile, but nothing big has still emerged till date. We still wonder why.




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