Where Are They Now? 5 Port Harcourt Artistes Who Fell Off

4. Korkormikor:


Hmmmm.. What do we say? Perhaps not too much as you may already know that by any standards, Korkormikor is no newbie in the industry and had aired several singles which became popular in his locale, Port Harcourt and beyond.

Korkormikor’s growth as an artist was immediately obvious and wasn’t constrained as a result of his unique and pleasantly recognizable vocal style. Korkormikor weaves delicious melodies around gritty urban themes.

On tracks such as Something For Y’all & Jealous, Korkormikor prove that neither popular acclaim nor stardom had exiled him from the suburbs and the existence that gave birth to his musical talents. He retained the edginess of the streets and on Delete ‘Em All, his genius shone through as a track which at first listen seemed to be a reverie that segues into a lullaby about putting haters to sleep permanently, reveals hidden themes of human frailty and an acceptance of the limits of being human.

Where did it all go wrong?

We hear, Xcel Music faced certain in-house instabilities, his baby mama had two kids for him and a lot of undisclosed personal issues arose. Because of all these distractions, a career that seemed to be going in the right direction was brought to a halt with the quickness.

Then came the year 2012, all in a bid to cusp to the more mainstream market like his fellow “out-of-Port-Harcourt” counterparts, Duncan Mighty and Timaya, the Xcel Music artist toned down his familiar hard edge on his then, much ballyhooed single “Blowing Up My Control”.

“Blowing Up My Control” is a laid-back tune which was about a relationship that didn’t quite pan out the way the artist intended; like a one-time liaison gone wrong.

The track did well on the airwaves, but that was about it after a while.

Rumor has it that, he might be promoting a few new songs to his credit before the year runs out. Can we call it a worthy comeback???

We really do hope it is.

DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Kokormikor’s Delete Em All



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