Where Are They Now? 5 Port Harcourt Artistes Who Fell Off

5. Mayola:


Mayola was an Artiste based in the city of Port Harcourt, and was signed to BLACKNOTES ENTERTAINMENT which was one of the best record labels around the South south.
The same Record Label that presented one of the city’s finest- M-kaze (Physco & Physco Extra album).

As great as his music was, he couldn’t maintain the mainstream success he garnered from songs like “Straight from the bottle” and wound up being one of many acts that quickly faded away with their songs. But I will say that the straight from the bottle song, from a few years back was THE business.

But since then, after two more songs, like many artists, his star has also faded amongst those outside of PH (though he’s still relatively huge within his vicinity ). But don’t get it twisted! We suspect he’s still out here, somewhere recording, and has plans to drop a new single soon enough.


Article written by Presley Fubara

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