8 Nigerian Female Musicians We Want To Make A Comeback

The Nigerian music industry grows every day with a lot of new artists, new music and new videos.

This basically means that if you’re not consistent with your art, chances are that you get blown with the wind and just become that artist who released that dope music back then. There are a lot of Nigerian female artists who gave us hits for days back then and the big question is: “Where are they right now?”

Definitely, their songs come up when the mood demands it and people dance and remember it. But where are they? These are the few Nigerian female artists we want to make a comeback.

Lami Phillips

Lami’s first single You Know which had M.I Abaga on it was and still is a hit any day, any time. But really, we’ve not heard so much about Lami since then. She is a stage goddess now because we saw her a few months back on stage at the Kemi Lala Akindoju produced stage play “London Life Lagos Living” and we don’t know if it’s a change of career of if Lami the voice is going to make a comeback soon.


Image: TheBBBuzz


Retta Rich

Retta’s voice is magical. She came up with Tomorrow and Kolo for You which were great songs and got people all up in their emotions. Few years after releasing these, she had a remix to Kolo for You which featured Eva, Phyno and Casey Ed. Since then, not much has been heard about Retta.


Image: YouTube


Muma Gee

Muma Gee is a born performer! You can be sure to expect the fire and all the heat when Muma Gee performs. Another good thing about the mother of twins is that she is a proud culture custodian and it shows in her videos and lyrics. But much hasn’t been heard of her of recent in the music industry.

Image: Reverbnation

Image: ReverbNation



Ego is the lady with the beautiful voice that accompanied masked musician, Lagbaja back then. The same Ego who was the star of Lagbaja’s finest performances such as Never Far Away, Konko Below and Skentele to mention a few. We were indeed surprised when Ego set up her own band after working with Lagbaja for twelve years and since then, not so much has been heard about her.



Esther of Resonance

Esther of Resonance was the light skinned girl who charmed us when she sang Le Le and Chinwe Ike and she was good! It’s been a couple of years and we’ve not heard anything new from the girl who charmed us back in the days.

Image: BellaNaija

Image: BellaNaija



Kel, who is a regular at the  One Mic Night in Lagos regularly used to be a rapper. When she released Wa Wa Alright, everybody was keyed in and keen on what Kelechi Ohia had to offer. But we got distracted because Kel stopped releasing new stuff and well, other rappers came along. Maybe it’s time for Kel to wake up.

Image: NaijaDeevas

Image: NaijaDeevas



Unlike a lot of people on this list, Sasha is still well known among her peers. She has a fashion label which we like to think is taking all her time and all. But is the Sasha that sang Adara going to come back? We can’t tell!

Image: TooXclusive

Image: TooXclusive


Weird MC

Weird MC is also like Sasha in the sense that she’s still active in the social circle right know. But not much is being said about her music career which debuted with Ijo Ya that had the animated video we all loved. So what next for the UN Peace Ambassador? What next?

Weird-MC-1024x1024Image: TopGistNG


There are still a lot of Nigerian female musicians we want to make a comeback, but here are our favourites! Which ones do you want to comeback?

Credit: OMGV

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