You Won’t Believe The Foreign Equivalents Of These Nigerian Stars

We love our homegrown celebs. But we sometimes can’t help comparing them to celebs from Yankee.

Usually, when we compare our Naija stars to foreign ones, it’s not always about looks. Sometimes, it’s the way they act or dance or sing that reminds us of someone else.

You’ve probably heard phrases like, “He’s our Naija Chris Brown” and more.

Let me blow your mind a little this very fine day:

1.   Ill Bliss & Notorious B.I.G

Their rap styles are so similar. Even their attitudes. If Ill Bliss didn’t rap in Igbo sometimes, you might mistake him for Biggie.

Image: UpFrontBookings & WallPapersCraft

Image: UpFrontBookings & WallPapersCraft

2.   Ikechukwu & DMX

I’m sure you know your rappers well. Which rapper is which?

Apart from the obvious resemblance, these two rappers are very similar in many ways. Check out their music sometime.

PhotoGrid_1458047813286Image: NairaLand & PitchFork


3.   MI & Kendrick Lamar

These two rappers are very similar musically. Their music isn’t for everyone. And only those with a highly developed sense of musical taste and intelligence can love these two.

Image: 36NG & Genius

Image: 36NG & Genius


4.   Oluchi Orlandi & Naomi Campbell

When I think of Fierce, no other two women embody it like Naomi and Oluchi.

These two supermodels can sure flaunt the fierce!

Image: DManagementGroup & SuperHype Forum

Image: DManagementGroup & SuperHype Forum


5.   Peter Okoye & Usher Raymond

These two musical acts have been compared for years. They’re too similar.

PS: Usher is the Peter Okoye of USA

Image: Jaguda & Pinterest

Image: Jaguda & Pinterest


Which other foreign star embodies a Nigerian star perfectly?

Credits: OMGV

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