“We cannot Build an Industry all by ourselves” – Olumati Isaiah To Port Harcourt Music industry Stakeholders

Olumati Isaiah

Olumati Isaiah is a Port Harcourt based thought Leader, Strategist, entrepreneur, author and business coach, who has owned and operated on a few stable platforms including his main company,  Mirus Empire.

In sustaining a social media trend he started a few years ago “#TalentedButStuck,” he has constantly displayed traits of hard work, determination in a well-organized, systemized approach that leads into raising brands and businesses to profits.

In doing so, he continues to guide MIRUS EMPIRE, its franchisees and its associates to ever greater achievement and success. He took to his Facebook wall this morning, to drop a few ground-breaking TIPS and THOUGHTS on how to build and sustain a profitable music industry here in Port Harcourt.

Read What he leaves us below:

People have said, The Port-Harcourt Entertainment system is dead and nothing can be done for the people or the system to change it. What they should be Saying to themselves is “We have Failed to Create Value for ourselves that Would be translated to making the System work” .
Every Working system anywhere in the World is a Product Of Value from one or two players which has been converted to both Tangible Influence and Authority.

If the Only Value, one can bring is the Claim to one Big Song, Becoming one Popular DJ or OAP then the Joke is on Us all. Anybody can become Big doing these things but industry Value is beyond this.

When next you Find a man who assures you that the system will never work, know that you have Found another Man With nothing worth Of Value to offer the System.

We have Everything we need in the City of Port-Harcourt to Create a Valuable Entertainment Structure that will compete favorably With any Entertainment structure anywhere in the world. Hence we can stand on the lines Of Universal Quality, Impacting on Human Capital, resource and GDP Of our Country in strong measures.

We need Valuable Partnership and Synergy to Make this work. We cannot Build an Industry all by ourselves. Our Individuality is too small to be that large. We cannot be too Wise to discount this.

Tag every and anybody you know who is base and doing something Valuable for Entertainment Sector in Port-Harcourt.


We must stop thinking in SMALL circles; Thinking for ourselves, thinking for our Glory, we must begin to think for the Future.We must stop thinking and operating Like The Church, Stores and Governmental Ministries. They all share one thing in Common, they think in structure Of Departments. Departments are too small to create any Valuable Impact in this field.

We must begin to think in the lines Of Sectors!

After Thought 2:

I Understand that for a While the system has appeared to be a mess but it is my Conviction that in a thousand people There is a 10% that carries all the possibilities and willingness for the future that we dream Of across all Field, from Dance, to film making, PR, Management, Production, Strategy, Content creation etc…

A lot Of us are Leaders. But Honestly we have Only Led ourselves. We have not poured into the system and people the Leadership we bear that will intern challenge them to become our dreams and their Hope.

After Thoughts 3

If we know so much. It must show, creating Impact people Can practically touch, relate to and reach out for. Understanding that systems do not create themselves, people do.

If we have YOU, we cannot say we do not have PEOPLE.

After Thought 4

Many more people have suggest that the people of Port-Harcourt are very Proud and Arrogant. My thought, every stubborn child and person has that one person they fear, the respect and loose all that madness at the mention Of that name. Are we Of the opinion that we do not have people With that Strength Of Character so strong that one creative person Of group of creative persons can be subjected to? I strongly want to disagree with this line Of thought.

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