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Music sensation, Mr. 2kay has released some sizzling hot pictures. The breath taking pictures shot by popular cinematographer and photographer, Adamsgud sees a few touches to Mr. 2kay’s appearance; with his dreadlocks more defined and lustrous.

The theme of the shoot is apt as it portrays both the emotional and physical aspect of the auspicious singer. One of the pictures has Mr. 2kay smiling as he reclines on a balcony railing with a blurred display of the waterside. This powerful imagery depicts the success story of Mr 2kay who grew from the humble beginnings of the waterside to mega stardom. Other visuals delineate Mr 2kay as a passionate and music driven artiste with backgrounds ranging from luxury to the stark beauty and wonder of nature at its luminous best.

The Grafton records artiste released his EP “count it all joy” some months back. So far, it has received raved reviews and massive airplay on many platforms.

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