Frank D’Nero – You Got Me (Sugar Baby)


Above an infectious beat, D’Largge Record’s Frank D’Nero is still showing off his bravado but on a pop-friendly track than his previous hit.

Frank D’Nero’s songs are often bathed in synth, beats, strings, and assorted electronic magic associated with today’s afro-pop culture, suggesting that he’s chosen a vernacular backdrop to get the attention of those who need to look beyond the vernacular.

Listening to “You Got Me” is about as close as one can come to hearing a love song in its raw, unfettered glory.

With nationwide exposure from classic songs (and without the pressure to recreate the sound that would come from a solo hit), he has a great opportunity to capitalize on the notoriety with his upcoming projects.

Enjoy this Jez Blender’s produced offering, which he titles ‘You Got Me (Sugar Baby)”..

Don’t forget to keep tabs on him via twitter: @FrankD_Nero1

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