VIDEO: Billy Dolomite – No dey Carry Me Play


DoloMilitary brings you a cult classic video, teaming up with ace Director Nelson Bright from Wetclay Media Agency. Dolomite and K-slash team up again to deliver a unique music video and tune from the “Bursting With Authority” mixtape.

Busting with Authority

This is the moment rap got gritty again. No shiny suits. No more Cristal popping. No fly honeys. It’s straight up gangster.

Nelson Bright’s low-down, dirty hip-hop mood gave the song a video to match. Clips with footage filtered with a visually stunning dark color scheme. He brought an epic amount of new, rawer bravado to the set, to amaze us with what could best be described as a movie shot in the dark sides of Port Harcourt city.

Indelible quality is deployed with devastating effectiveness by Billy Dolomite and Nelson Bright here. The end result is a designer drug of a hip hop song’s video—perfectly calibrated to not waste a single moment, note, or handclap, it releases as many endorphins as possible in its brief 4 minutes and 25 seconds. It’s absolutely engaging from the first shot to last. Until you hit play again, that is.

Enjoy!!! 😛

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