This is a Public Service Announcement That You Do Not Have To Read!

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This is not a public service announcement. So you do not have to pay attention to this. It is just a simple observation from team of a hawk-eyed individuals. This is an apt observation surrounding events in the Nigerian Music industry. Record labels, record labels, record labels. Do we even have any, around here? If we do, are there any, which truly believe in dishing out beautiful music meant to leave indelible marks as opposed to just making money by any means necessary? Is there any that has really pushed a true talent from the cradles, to actual stardom? I think not. Did you just think of Grafton Music? Lol.. I’m sure you did. They have done their best though. But is their best good enough? You’re about to find out, as we are here to draw the line with what we have in store for Nigeria and the rest of the world, with the kind of music we are about to excite you with. Our launch pad is Port Harcourt. We will be exporting Port Harcourt to the world by dishing out breathtaking music. Brace yourselves as we officially unveil MTS Entertainment this February. Be prepared for what’s coming.

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