IK Slick Feat. Timi Kay – Let It Be Known

IK Slick Feat. Timi Kay - Let It Be Known Art

The song “Let It Be Known” is one of the best of the year, a catchy, impossibly simple banger from Ik Slick Featuring Timi Kay, that catches hold of you in its very first bars despite a lack of any kind of pop instinct. It’s a dare: the kind of beat any rapper could sound good over, the kind of beat to bring your A-game to. Which is why what Ik Slick does with it is so thrilling—structureless, dazzling, bizarre—the hook taken by Timi Kay, sounds like a verse and each verse sounds like a combination of hooks. Ik Slick isn’t just leading the pack anymore, he’s creating something entirely new.

Got crazy melodies, boy i’m still the same..
I pray for my enemies, but i kill the game..
They actin’ like they friends with me, something they would never be..
This music is remedy and therapy, i gotta let it be known…

#LetItBeKnown, These boys aren’t meant to be compared to many in Nigeria. This isn’t just hype, We tell you.. Flows are awesome. Diction is pure and efficiency in his Multi-syllabic rhyming is appalling.

#LetItBeKnown that these guys make the cut on our top 10 rappers globally, and that they are both from the awesome city of Port Harcourt.

DOWNLOAD: IK Slick Feat. Timi Kay – Let It Be Known NOW



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