7 Port Harcourt Celebs who left for Lagos and had dead careers- Husband Material


  1. Klintmoore: We fell for his soothing voice, his sleek ways and charisma left us asking for more. He mingled with heavyweights right here from Port Harcourt. He was used on virtually all large posters and banners whenever Glo had a show in Uniport, Klintmoore was really up there. The Rap Turb a show that promoted upcoming rappers proved that he knew his onion and had his way with artistes. He was behind those who brokered peace between Kelly Hansome and M.I when their running beef had reached it’s peak. He left what we fell for and decided to try his hands on music, left Port Harcourt, travelled to Lagos and that put nails to the coffin of his failed career.




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