Aim Misfire: As fan steals style of Mtrill’s designer outfit

Aim Misfire: As fan steals style of Mtrill’s designer outfit and gives credit.

Mtrill rocking an IG: @Emo_bespoke in a Photo Taken by August Udoh

Rave of the moment; Mtrill, who has been up and about various media outlets, in promoting his latest single “Aboh” which is gradually cutting across the nation, is also quickly becoming a style icon. His killer off-duty outfits are applauded by countless entertainment blogs, including ours, for his spot-on mix of local appeal and elegance.

For obvious reasons, every stylist wants Mtrill to appear in their apparels, as he has the attention of their target market right now. But there is a problem, as Nigerians, would always be Nigerians. Mtrill recently posted a pic of himself in an outfit made in african prints by ROIS AND REINE (IG: @roisandreine), and got a message dropped in the comment section of the facebook post from a fan who, instead of contacting the designer to get the outfit, stole the concept of the design and gave credit to Mtrill. How pathetic. See screen grabbed images of both posts.

Mtrill in the ROIS AND REINE outfit


It’s a good thing that the outfit was inevitably seen, as it was rocked by Mtrill but, its sad that it wasn’t sold by the designer, which was the main aim.


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