Anticipate 01/05/2017: RaphJay to release audio and video to brand new single “Remember”, produced by E-Kelly and directed by Mex Films

Let’s concede, up front, that at this moment, there’s a century’s worth of recorded music at our fingertips, much of that music is life-changing and grand, and none of us will ever fully enjoy it all, not in a single lifetime.

As ever, the music resumes, and we’re never too proud to beg our favorite contemporary rappers, singers, and producers for a glut of new, great, life-changing music from the Oil Cartel this year.

RaphJay is a safe bet for a pop superstar. He’s got the voice, the songwriting chops to hit No. 1 with ease, and the ambition. But, time and time again, he’s proven to be weirder than anyone else who regularly tops the charts. Which makes his music forever worth paying attention to.

This time out, he’s teaming up with avant-garde audio and visual masterminds E-Kelly and Mex on “Remember“, which will be released on the first day of May 2017. It’s definitely going to be catchy, it’s going to be strange, and we can’t wait to hear and see what this trio would bring to the table.

Be rest assured, it would be a song, video and a day to remember… #Anticipate

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