Did you know that SauceKid has been in jail since 2016? His Prison mugshot surfaces.. Check it out..

Nigerian rapper Sinzu formerly known as Saucekid is in an American jail for charges relating to theft

SauceKid's Prison mugshot

Nigerian rapper, Sinzu formerly known as Saucekid, is again in an American jail for charges relating to theft.

This is the third time news reports would reveal that the rapper has been in police custody.

In 2014 he denied that he was the one declared wanted for stealing $300 from an ATM.

He blamed the ‘rumour’ on his former friend, Godwon, with whom he had a beef at the time.

However, according to this most recent mugshot of his, Sinzu’s been locked up since July 2016.

The last time he was seen by close associate Presley Fubara of PHCityMusic.com, was in september 2014.

Presley Fubara and Saucekid


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