VIDEO: Yousee Cleff – 9-5

VIDEO: Yousee Cleff - 9-5

We just stumbled upon yet another unique/rare talent from the streets of Port Harcourt, widely known on stages as Yousee Cleff. He’s an upcoming, but mind-blowing artist on an inevitable mission to take a permanent position in the spotlight with his skills.

Currently attached to an A-team known as The Blok where he and a bunch of superb talents dish out steaming hot tunes to the inevitable feel of peeps within their vicinity and beyond.

Has there ever been a voice more suited to digital manipulation than Yousee Cleff’s? Chopped, pitched, filtered—it withstands anything thrown at it to remain immediately recognizable, wholly his own. That indelible quality is deployed with devastating effectiveness by Yousee Cleff here on “9 to 5“.

It’s heavy stuff, made more impressive because it’s delivered by a guy who just surfaced on our radar.

Yousee Cleff’s 2017 is defined by maturation as an artist and a person, and no song exemplifies that more than this one.

When you listen to the song you’ll feel like Yousee Cleff’s turning your emotions into art, and that’s a relief. But only for a few minutes.

He left this on the cutting room floor by simply teaming up with avant-garde visual mastermind Director Koko on this crisp clear video.



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