Gospel: Jay Piper – Jesus Many Men

Jay Piper releases “Jesus Many Men”.
Jay Piper - Jesus Many Men

We’ve said before that gospel artists are modern day manifestations of the early twentieth century street evangelists who took the Word out of the church and into the highways, byways, and street corners.

That’s why this very talented, hardworking, relentless, Inspirational/sensational musical composer/graduate of biotechnological and postgraduate student of psychology, Moneke Emmanuel Chukwudi, also known as Jay Piper. He dishes out an inspiring and praise-worthy song titled – ‘Jesus Many Men.

The track title  “Jesus Many Men” leaves the most lingering impression. Its a well thought-out song that appreciates and brings to limelight the contributions and impact of some Nigerian pastors, as it highlights their contributions to the body of Christ and to humanity at large.

Nevertheless, there’s much to be said about how Jay Piper writes and performs sacred songs with such deep emotion. His songs are without  doubt, a balm for a broken world.

His ceaseless commitment to integrity includes bringing you reliable gospel music content that uplifts and advances the art form.

Enjoy beautiful music from Port Harcourt!



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