Sewuese Don-Loho – “Forever” (Prod. Dr Roy)

Sewuese Don-Loho makes a debut with  a brand new single “Forever”.
Sewuese Don-Loho - "Forever" (Prod. Dr Roy)

Sewuese Don-Loho‘s “Forever” is the latest song on our archives. It’s calm, beautifully weird, and artful; in short, a summation of what Sewuese Don-Loho is capable of at her very best. And, when you think about how good Sewuese Don-Loho is, remember: She left this on the cutting room floor.

The same story as countless other tracks, but over that infectiously calm instrumental? Your day was paltry if it wasn’t blessed with this at some point.

The track “Forever” is lurching and confident, the kind of song that’s sure of its own appeal but knows not to step outside of the pocket. It seems like an unlikely hit, but try listening just once. It’s dope to see Sewuese Don-Loho put on for country music while breaking the mold for what a woman on the mic should look or sound like.

She obviously has an unnerving ability to create songs that stick with you, but this is where her full arsenal of skills comes to bear.

Booming yet delicate, catchy yet adventurous; we’re going to be hearing this song for a very, very long time.

Enjoy this song forever..

But first, follow her on Social Media:

Twitter: @SewueseDonloho

Instagram: @SewueseDonloho

Facebook: Sewuese Don-Loho Music



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