VIDEO: Timeyin – Gbemisoke (Dir. Mr. Pef)

Vibes! Watch Timeyin’s  “Gbemisoke”.

VIDEO: Timeyin - Gbemisoke (Dir. Mr. Pef)

Good dancing will always and forever be the quickest way to our hearts. You could have nothing but a blank wall and some space, but a great dancer will find a way to bring the space to life.

When you’ve got a track as instantly successful as Timeyin‘s “Gbemisoke,” it can be hard to match it with an equally brilliant video.

But the results here are perfection. The video pairs the euphoric, head-bopping song with a montage of carefree rocking: There’s intricate dance choreography shot from a bird’s-eye view, some red, white and black observatory outfits are displayed too. Timeyin‘s sway alongside masked dancers/gymnasts is indeed, glorious.

There’s nothing overly flashy about this video, but it matches the song’s energy perfectly—good vibes abound.This is a perfect summation for a great video, and an encapsulation of her incredible song.

Timeyin has proved herself to be a consummate artist  in every sense of the word, and this video is more jaw-dropping evidence.

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