VIDEO: Billy Dolomite Ft. Kushite Kutta“Quitting Is Forbidden”

Port Harcourt’s very own Billy Dolomite had an amazing year, and it’s continually been about more than just his music. Everything he did in 2016 embodied the spirit of a new artist looking to stray off the beaten path.

Dolomite who is known to be a hit-making potential, accurately expresses on “Quitting Is Forbidden,” the trunk-rattling ego-booster off his American tour, an undying love for what he does, and his will to never stop. The video is just one highlight in a project full of standouts.

The tongue-in-cheek positivity of the title manifests itself throughout Dolomite’s work. His and the featured American rapper Kushite Kutta’s swaggering presence on the streets could go toe-to-toe with industry vets and the embrace of independent, in addition to a slapping production by Mike Todd.

His sound remains polished, his messaging is consistent, and his visuals are powerful and striking.There are a lot messages that can be decoded from the video’s subtler touches, and unraveling them is what makes it worth repeated viewings.

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