Audio: Icon – Good Life

Icon - Good Life

Sometimes afro music starts to sound repetitive and watered down, like the best of it has already come and gone and we’ve collectively run out of good ideas to switch up the format. Then a dude like Icon comes along.

Icon injected carefree energy into 2016 with his hit song “Akaso Inyingi” and its accompanying buzz, as he did the unexpected by sampling the vocals of the legendary Jim Rex Lawson on it.

It’s obvious that Icon‘s music is built on a strong afro-pop and highlife foundation so prevalent in africa, but instead of cookie-cutter production, he took things to another level upon the release of his 2017 breakout project “Good Life“. The song is organically fluid, impressively dynamic, and irresistibly soulful.

Icon has exhibited incredible versatility and range as an artist. He is in his own lane, finding beautiful melodies between hard-knocking production, and it’s working.




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