Uzakah Henry – Onye (Who Is Like Unto You)

Uzakah Henry - Onye

Uzakah Henry is one of the finest voices in gospel music today. His vocal talent is on ample display on “Onye“.

The fine single, “Onye” is a prayerful, uncomplicated worship ballad that allows Uzakah Henry sufficient space to improvise.

Supported by powerful background voices, he builds from soft to sanctified, tossing in growls, shouts, and skyrocketing flights of soprano to convince the saved and sinner alike that when we come to the end of ourselves, when we can deal with our own problems no further, that’s when we must give them to God.

The song “Onye” would solidifying his sound and earn him the attention of new listeners. Traditional R&B has expanded tremendously within the last few years and Uzakah Henry is here to help keep pushing those boundaries, as he continues to fuse different sounds.

He has the potential to unite different crowds over a common interest.  Henry is certainly in store for an even bigger year in 2018.



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