VIDEO: The Church Can’t Help You – Gospel Artiste, Zack Dekera.

Gospel artiste who lost his job now a bricklayer.

Popular gospel artist Zack Dekera has taken to social media to recount his experience after he lost his job and what he had to go through just to feed his young family and music.
In his post “For my family and music, i am not ashamed to start all over again, i am ready to do anything positive to keep my dream” #GodBeGlorified #iDeclare.he went further to release a video where he advised two set entertainers.1.the upcoming acts who always wants to be carried along and 2.those who are on top today.
Here is a transcript from the video :
“some people wait to die and be in Hell fire before they seek who would advice their beloved on earth, i choose to be Zack Dekera; who in my hell situation here on earth, cry out my advice to two set of people today”

First set of people

“My fellow upcoming singers, musicians, artiste, actors, stop begging to be known, to be heard or to fulfill your purpose., stop pursuing people to carry you along. All that ends up reducing your value and worth. If i may ask who wants to help you? Is it the Pastor, Music director, church members, celebrity? Or abi this people ain’t humans who need help too ni? I remember in 2011 i asked my pastor for N5000 to execute a music proposal i had then and he asked me if i was a member of the church. That was his way of shelving me aside. My advice, start with what you have, where you are, those around you and be consistent. God alone will find you when you are strategic, Truthful and Dedicated”

Second set of people i will advice in my Hell situation

“Those of you who think you’ve made it to the top, look around me very well. This i am passing now and something similar is real. I once used to work and earn real comfortably to sponsor my music career and family. I have hosted big music events before nw, dropped two singles as well but when recession came, i lost my Job, Had to sell my car, sell some properties in the house just to feed my pregnant wife and son. There is no one on my friend list i havnt begged for help financially. But you know what, they will never have to give me. I don’t blame them Because i casued it myself and the race we run is now is personal. So please, i do not wish this on anyone, if u are at the top – save and invest. The best investment is human capital development. Cos when u are down tomorrow they can pull u up” #GodMustBeGlorified #ideclare See you at top again soon!

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