Zuma’s Statue isn’t all that drew traffic to Owerri over the weekend. Disc Jockey World Records Stormed The City!

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma’s, controversially statue built by Imo State Government isn’t all that drew attention and traffic to Owerri over the weekend. Disc Jockey World Records also stormed the city with their headline signee Yungish Iris.

Yungish Iris hit Mimis Place & NV Lounge in the company of members of his Disc Jockey World Records gang, as he left them electrifying performances of his “Diallo Diallo” smash hit.

It was great fun for everyone present. Truth must be told, Yungish Iris promised to take his career to the next level and he is working his way to the top. Like him or hate him, he is not a one hit album musician. See pictures below.


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